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    Our in-house food scientist and technology
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Whatever the project is, we'll find the right solution with you.

One thing that sets Royal Pet Foods apart from almost every other pet treat manufacturer in the US is our ability to produce both extruded and injection molded products. This means we are able to take raw ingredients and turn them into finished products in the same day without relying on other suppliers to provide us with pre-blended or pre-extruded ingredients. Our unique operation allows us the ability to store raw ingredients, blend, extrude, injection mold, package, and ship finished product all from within the same facility. The ability to control everything from the raw ingredients to the final packaged product enables us to oversee every aspect of production to maintain product safety, quality, and integrity.


We have dedicated staff to help customize any extruded shape you wish to create.
Dental Sticks

Dental Sticks

training bites

Training Bites

Injection Molding

We have several injection molded shapes available to choose from. If you are looking for a new injection molded shape, we have in-house staff to help you create 3D designs, as well as toolmakers to bring your designs to life!
DentalS Treats

Dental Treats

Injection Molded Treats

Injection Molded Treats

Assemply Projects

Have a unique product concept that requires more of a human touch? We have staff to produce unique assembly projects that other manufacturers won’t. If you have an extruded or injection molded idea (or combination of the two) that requires hand assembly, let us be the solution for you!
tubentoss treat


Let us help transform your new concept ideation from sketched drawings to CAD designs and 3D prototypes. Once you are ready to move forward with a new design, we have toolmakers that are ready to help bring your concepts to life!

Your Recipe

Whether you have your own recipe, or want to use one of ours, you have options!

We have a number of house recipes to choose from for both extruded and injection molded treats. We can also setup R&D trials to test any recipe you would like and help in the commercialization process.

Once you have your product, it will need to be packaged.

Check out our packaging capabilities to find the best solution for your treats.



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