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    Concept to consumer approach

    Our consept-to-consumer approach allows us to collaborate
    with customers ti find the bestsolutions for their needs.
    From concept and formulation to commercialization
    and production, we will help bring your product
    to life and provide the support you
    need to make it a success!

  • Bulldog

    Concept to

Continuous Impovement

Processes are continuously evolving as we challenge ourselves each day to find enhanced and innovative approaches to improve our operation. We have a diverse team with decades of food processing backgrounds, who are all encouraged and entrusted to incessantly find new ways to improve products efficiency and quality. As market trends evolve, as does our operation in an effort to continuously offer novel products and seek superior solutions for our customers.

Product R&D

Royal Pet Foods is a center of excellence, staffed with on-site food scientists, product designers, engineers and technicians producing unique concepts, original recipes, and customization to meet customer requests. Our R&D capabilities are coupled with scalable blending and production lines, allowing for rapid commercialization and speed-to-market. R&D is the driver of innovation and creation at Royal Pet Foods.


Royal Pet Foods partners with customers to co-ideate and formulate new treats and concepts in a collaborate effort to bring new innovation to the marketplace. At Royal Pet Foods, we are all for originality – whether it is an extension of an existing product line, fresh new product, or you are pioneering a brand-new category, we are ready to bring your vision to fruition.


New technology leads to enhanced product quality, efficiency and capabilities, allowing for reduced costs and accelerated speed-to-market. Royal Pet Foods is constantly investing in new technology and equipment to provide our customers with a wider range of solutions. Our unique ability to blend, extrude, injection mold, assemble, package, and ship product from within one facility affords our customers with the competitive advantage of a one-stop solution. Our commitment to continuously invest in new technologies and equipment will only further expand and our capabilities, and by extension your capabilities.

Value Chain

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Industry, Customer, and Regulatory Certifications

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